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Department of
National Defence

Wastewater Plant at Canadian Armed Forces Base Esquimalt, Victoria, BC

In operation since 2006, this plant has treated all wastewater generated by HMC Dockyard and Ship Repair Facility. Treats all the bilgewater discharged by Canada's West Coast Naval Fleet and visiting warships. One million litres of treatment per anode is typical for treatment of industrially contaminated water or ship's bilge water at 80 to 120 litres per minute per cell.

Vancouver Shipyards

Wastewater Treatment Plant, North Vancouver, BC

The first wastewater treatment plant using McKay Creek's technology. In operation since 2001 it has treated millions of litres of industrial wastewater. This plant treats all of the industrial wastewater generated by the largest shipyard on the west coast of Canada. It has also acted as a commercial wastewater treatment facility taking third party water from many different sources.



Wastewater Treatment Plant
Brantford, Ontario

Using McKay Creek's technology since 2009, this is a commercial industrial wastewater treatment facility that services clients from many different industries. Since 2009 they have treated millions of litres of almost every conceivable type of industrial wastewater.





Electrocoagulation (EC) works by electrically dissolving a metal anode into a treatment stream of contaminated water. Chemically reactive ions are released that break stable emulsions and suspensions causing contaminants to form flocs that can be removed leaving clean clear water for use, reuse or ‘in compliance' discharge.


Until now all EC cells have been plagued with fouling of the electrodes causing high maintenance and low productivity. Our patented breakthrough design allows a continuous, efficient non-fouling consumpiton of a single anode without complicated timers, polarity changes, PLCs, back-flushing or constant replacement of partially utilized electrodes. Our products are industrially robust, simple to operate and very efficient. One million litres of treatment per anode is typical with industrially contaminated or ships oily bilge water at 80-120 litres/min. per cell.


With a small footprint and low set up and operating cost, our equipment is an excellent choice for operations with water contaminated with emulsified oils, BETX, PAHs, poorly settling solids, poorly soluble organics, contaminants that add turbidity and negatively charged metals. Shipyards, manufacturing, food production, commercial waste handlers, oil and gas, mining, aquaculture, oil from algae and desalination plants are some of the industries that can benefit. Our technology is scalable and treatment cells can be designed to meet process requirements.

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